Manfredonia - That was the first year

Manfredonia - time to take stock

In Manfredonia we found a great campsite to spend the winter, Lido salpi . Located right by the sea, about 100 m from the beach. An almost endless expanse that invites you to walk and linger. Quiet, no tourists, just the right thing to unwind.

A year full of impressions

France where you can study and admire the tides in the northwest , the Cote Sauvage , where the Atlantic shows its stormy side. The North Cape , where the day never ends in June and also Germany , which is steeped in history and comes up with wonderful landscapes.

Chance Circus

Nobody can take all these pictures away from us. The question was how our life on four wheels will continue. We quickly agreed that we never wanted to live any other way. So we had to find a job to supplement our bank account.

Coincidence came to our aid, the Swiss Circus Royal, urgently needed someone for the office. The decision was made quickly and we took the road to Switzerland under our wheels.

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